t’s dripping from your nose.
It’s colonised your crotch like you pissed yourself.
There is going to be a rash.
This is not polite
It feels unreasonable. Unachievable. Impossible. Inaccessible. Inconceivable. Unimaginable. 
But feelings count for nothing.
The tiredness is murdered by the fire. The desire. It drops like an enemy soldier. Strength fortifies within.
There is one last bloody charge. This is your Rocky moment.

Up those insurmountable steps.
Arms raised in triumph; time stands still.
Rocky lyrics play in his head: “Getting strong now. Won't be long now. 
 It hurts that much it feels like you should be bleeding.
 But it’s sweat.
 You don’t give a fuck.
Impossible is nothing.
Your sweaty arse crack is your success.
You are a success
You sweat.