Power is about a woman's presence. It is creating a presence. Her Presence.
This is about TRESemmé helping women own their power. Own their style. An expression of  a woman through her hair. It is a concept underpinned by Becky G herself. Her Rise Up.
TRESemmé’s New Hairspray is a reflection of women today. And this idea is jolted into life by a powerful woman. Becky G. A celebrator of Latinx heritage and style, who’s personal mantra: ”Beautiful Without Limits.”
In this convention defying campaign, we’ll use mirrors to showcase the possibilities and the versatility that comes with TRESemmé. This mirrors Edna Emmé’s Defiance, her radical change; the soloist vanguard, rising from the machine floor to the boardroom.
This is a call to rise up. An invitation to rise up, stand up. Women standing in, their own power - their presence.